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  • HDTV Antenna


    Small Paper Thin HDTV Antenna

    This is the TV Antenna your cable company doesn't want you to know about. Never pay for cable or satellite again with our 0.2" Paper Thin HDTV Antennas!

    This Small Paper Thin HDTV Antenna measures 6.7" x 6.7" and has a range of up to 25 miles, allowing you to receive local ATSC channels in Full HD. All this without any power requirements, making it quick and easy to get everything up and running, without any limitations to your preferred mounting location for the best reception possible.

    Equipped with everything you need, the paper thin design allows you to easily place it in different positions and locations. With such flexibility you can stick it to a window or wall, or even under a kitchen cabinet, using the included hook & loop patches or place it on table using the included base/stand.

    The number of channels you receive is determined by how far you are from the transmission towers, as well as your surrounding environment.