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  • Audio - Enhanced Bass Earphones with Built-in Microphone and PlayPause Controls - Blue


    Enhanced Bass Earphones with Built-in Microphone and Play/Pause Controls - Blue

    Get great audio reproduction plus the convenience of a microphone and in-line controls with this pair of Enhanced Bass Noise Isolating Earphones.

    These ported earphones feature a noise isolating design, which means you hear your music (or phone call) and not all the noise of the outside world. The low-end and mid-range response is enhanced to provide a rich, full bass experience as well as a bright, responsive mid-range sound.

    In addition to outstanding sound quality, these earphones can function as a hands-free earphone/microphone for your cell or smart phone. An in-line control module gives you the ability to play/pause tracks and answer/terminate incoming calls. The earphones come with 3 sets of earbuds, allowing you to customize the fit of the earphones for maximum comfort and audio quality.