Locally Owned And Operated

Quality Computer Repairs

Ruben Ramirez, owner of Computers Cables and More (CCM),  has been involved with computers for over 30 years. Computers are his passion! He has abundant experience with computers, having been co-owner of one of El Paso's most trusted IT companies. Laptops, desktops, servers or tablets, Ruben knows exactly what needs to be done to get your computer back to working its best. He also offers software installation including virus and malware protection programs to keep your machine running clean.

Fast and Friendly Service

Superb custom service is a top priority at Computers Cables and More. Every client is treated with the respect they deserve. In addition to dropping off your computer for repairs, we also offer pick-up and delivery service and repairs at your location. When possible, we will fix software glitches online over a secure internet connection.

We understand you need your computer "yesterday". You have a deadline to meet, or a business to run. You are missing emails and Facebook friends. You depend on your computer! Computers Cables and More completely understands! That is why a wealth of experience is necessary for quick diagnoses and timely repairs. Next time you need computer repair in El Paso, call them to quickly resolve your computer issues.

As Ben Franklin said, "Time is money." Most of us do at least some of our work on computers. Invoicing, writing contracts and estimates, payroll, ordering, business emails, etc.. Today so many activities demand the use of a computer. Computers Cables and More will get you back on schedule. 

English, Spanish, and Geek Spoken Here

Like talking to a car mechanic or doctor, some computer repair techs seem to be speaking another language. It is hard to know if they really understand your problem. Ruben speaks English and Spanish fluently. (If you are into IT, he is happy to speak computer geek with you, too.) He listens to your problems and lets you know in plain language what is needed. He tells you how long it will take and how much it will cost. No surprises, no wild guesses or under bidding. Bring your computer by for a free estimate whenever it is not performing its best. Slow computers slow down business. 

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