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Here at Computers Cables and More, when we say more we mean much more! Of course, we have all types of cables. But we also carry connectors and other items to build the network you need. Computer parts, tools, and adapters, too.
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 Computers, Cables, Tools, Parts
Computers Cables & More has the HDMI cables to connect your computer to a flat screen or your DVD/Blu-Ray to a big screen TV. They also carry speaker wire to bring the party outside or extend your surround sound system. Network cables (CAT 6 and CAT 5e) to connect all your computers to one modem and to a shared printer. They even have cables for audio and video devices. Hard wiring your business or home network brings added security and speed. Many cables are available in standard lengths with end connectors. You can also buy larger rolls up to 1,000 feet.


Sometimes we buy new equipment, but when we get it home we find it incompatible with the rest of our devices. The new computer with a HDMI has trouble connecting to the old monitor with SVGA. Computers Cables and More to the rescue! We have many types of connectors and adapters to help all of your devices connect and communicate. All at super low prices! Including
  • RCA Video Adapters
  • HDMI Adapters
  • 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
  • 3.5mm Adapters
  • Audio Adapters


Computers Cables and More sells laptops, computers, keyboards, flash drives, ethernet switches and routers. Also, cable management systems and devices to keep your wiring neat, and power strips with surge protection, (some with built-in USB outlet to charge smart phones and other devices.)

Computer Parts

We also carry many parts to repair (or enable you to repair) computers. Fans, power supplies, video cards, optical drives, etc.


Do you enjoy working, customizing, or extending your computer's capacities? Need to run a network? We have the most popular tools in stock. Precision screwdriver sets, network cable testers, cable strippers, and crimping tools for all types of connectors. Browse our online products or drop by our El Paso store at 300 N. Resler, Suite F.