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Our team can install the network cabling you need

Getting online requires an interconnected system of wires and cables. If your network is sluggish, you may need new cabling installed by Computers, Cables & More. Our crew can replace the old, underperforming wiring throughout your home or office. If you've never had cabling installed, we can start from scratch and get your network set up and connected in no time. From small home systems to large office networks, we can install them all.

Contact us today to arrange for your network installation.

Depend on us for all your cabling needs

Depend on us for all your cabling needs

We offer every type of computer and AV cable you could need. Our selection includes:

CAT 5e and CAT 6 cables
RCA video adapters
HDMI adapters
Audio adapters

Whether replacing old cables or installing a whole new system, you can rely on us for the wiring and installation services you need. Contact us today at 915-585-7999 to learn more.